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Dungeon Crawl, Episode 2 – Blackfathom Deeps

Posted by Zebgora on May 13th, 2008 filed in The Dungeon Crawl

This episode of Dungeon Crawl takes us to Blackfathom Deeps, in the northwest of Ashenvale Forest. Click here for all the gory detail!!

Join Zeb in the epic quest through the first sunken temple to be encountered as we make the journey thru Azeroth.

Along the way, we will encounter satyr, naga, murlocs (they are everywhere) and Twilight’s Hammer cultists. The goal of all this? Why, loot of course!

Episode 26 of the Epic Shardz podcast is fast approaching, so stay tuned for that, as well as future episodes of Dungeon Crawl. Next episode, we are continuing our adventure through yet another exciting dungeon.

If anyone would like to help out the show and get on the internet airwaves, I am looking for some help with the Dungeon Crawl. There are 2 dungeons that I am not very familiar with, being The Stockades and Gnomergan. Anyone that would like to help out is welcome to send me an mp3 walkthrough as we have been doing the last few weeks.

See you all soon for Episode 26 of Epic Shardz!!

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