Dungeon Crawl, Episode 3 – RFK

Posted by Zebgora on June 11th, 2008 filed in The Dungeon Crawl

Welcome to another exciting episode of The Dungeon Crawl. This week, we are visiting an instance as (in)famous as Barrens Chat. That’s right adventurers, we’re going to Razorfen Kraul!!

Zeb leads us through all of the fun that can be had in an instance that is full of Quillboar, if there really IS any :).

By the end of RFK, you will be asking yourself the same question as last episode. Why are we here again??  The answer is also the same as it was last time, LOOT!!

Episode XXX of Epic Shardz is coming soon!

Next time on Dungeon Crawl, we are going to the best instance from Legacy WoW, The Scarlet Monestary!!!!

Have a great time in game and may all your drops be epic!!

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