Episode 109 – We’re Back??

Posted by Zebgora on March 16th, 2011 filed in Podcast

Ok, lets see if I remeber how to do this… show-notes, right?

That’s right, folks…we have returned! It’s been far too long since we have done a show, so I am going to keep it short and sweet this episode, well at least for show notes.

Once Zeb and Tam hit 85, they have spent much of the time leveling up various alts, so we don’t have much to report as far as “end game” content goes.

We also talk about making a change to professions! Well, we talk about the changes that WE would make to them anyway. The profession talk then leads to our thoughts on archaeology.

We also talk about how the world (of warcraft) has changed since Cataclysm. Mostly, we cover the cool new stuff to see and do as you bring characters up from level 1 in the (seemingly) never ending quest to hit 85.

Finally, we wrap up the show with Zeb making a stunning announcement! (Don’t worry, we are not going anywhere.)

That’s all for this week! Join us next time as we continue our quest through the new Azeroth!

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