Episode 111 – We Have Returned to The Internetz (We Think…)

Posted by Zebgora on August 23rd, 2011 filed in Podcast

That’s right folks! We have come back after yet ANOTHER break!

This week on the show, we talk about the new show from our buddy Xandarr, All Things Edible (link in our section on the main page).

We also talk some more about The Firelands and dailies from 4.2.

MMO Champion brings us some interesting info, like Patch 4.3 goodies as well as various updates on other stuff like the RealID party system staying FREE (at least for now).

Zeb shared a quick Top Ten List to close out the show.

Come on back next time for more of “info” from the funniest trolls in all of Azeroth! We promise to try and produce more shows than we have been now that things have settled down in the RL realm. See ya next time!

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