Episode 112 – (RE)Emerging From the Mists

Posted by Zebgora on November 9th, 2011 filed in Podcast

Hello? Is this thing on?? Oh yeah! We’re back on the web doing the show!!

This episode we talk about a lot of Blizzcon stuff (yes, 2 weeks late but still news!). We cover Mists of Pandaria, the WoW Annual Pass and other stuff.

We also cover what we have been doing in-game since the last episode. Tam is on the hunt for her favorite achievements. Meanwhile, Zeb has been healing his way to 80 on his priest. Both of us took part in the various new activities from the NEW Hallow’s End holiday.

And of course, through all of the “content” that we covered, you get the usual unhealthy dose of RANDOM RANTING!

That covers just about everything for now. Stay tuned for #113, should be coming soon!

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