About Us

Epic Shardz is a podcast about the incredibly popular Blizzard game World of Warcraft. We talk about the “latest” news both in-game and in the WoW community. The show is co-hosted and co-produced by Jim “Zebgora” Kraft and Gayle “Tamori” Dichazi.

Zeb and Tam got the idea for doing the show back in September/October of 2007, when Zeb wanted to make “just a blog” to tell of his adventures within the game. We thought it might be fun to do a podcast about the game instead of just writing about it, and so the show was born.

About Zebgora
Jim is just your average 6’8″ tall 20-something guy. He lives in the vicinity of Detroit, Michigan. In that “dreaded” real-life, he works as a pharmacy tech. He enjoys playing WoW, where he plays a Protection Warrior. He also really enjoys podcasting, exploring the internet, watching TV and playing video games (yes, other than WoW).