The First Post

So here it is, the first blog post on the brand new and totally revamped Epic Shardz! I don’t really know what to cover with this post, and I certainly don’t want to make any promises on content that we can’t keep up with. I DO want to say that if all of our plans and little projects that we have been kicking around are able to come to fruition after all this time that we have been gone, it’s going to be…well…EPIC!

I guess I should probably give at least a little update as to what has been going on. Despite several twists and turns that life has taken, your two favorite trolls in all of Azeroth are back together to bring you all the entertainment that you never knew you wanted whilst you journey through the lands of Azeroth, as corrupt as they now are, what with the Old Gods being back and all.

Yes, Zebgora and Tamori are back in all their glory. Tamori has been playing a lot of WoW Classic and Zebgora has been on the retail side of things. Just because we have our focus divided doesn’t mean that we have BOTH versions covered. Fear not, for we are just as lost we ever in the World of Warcraft.

This is where we will get off the overview and into personal opinion. I will not speak for Tamori, and I will admit that you will probably hear a lot of this on the first show once we get everything up and running again, but I hopelessly addicted to this game again. I know, I know…big shock, eh? Now, I’m not saying that I play it anywhere NEAR as much as I did back in the days of those early expansions that we covered so well with the original show, but with the current state of the world and not being able to do much else outside of the house once I come home from work, the lands of Azeroth offer a certain familiar comfort that I really need right now.

I still play the same way that I used to as Blizzard has increased the number of things that there are to do with questing, world quests, dailies, dungeons, raiding, etc. Right now, Zebgora has so many open quests that I don’t know what to do first. I DO know that despite it maybe not being the most popular opinion anymore, I really like where the game seems to be at this point.

As at least some of you may remember, I really like dungeons and raiding way back when. That hasn’t changed at all, dear friends, so fear not. What HAS changed, as we players all know, is the way that you can dungeon crawl and raid. I think it is so cool that you can just jump into LFG or LFR (or both if you are into pain that way) and run random dungeons or sections of a raid area.

Anyway, you guys get the idea and I am not going to go over EVERYTHING that I still love about WoW, as I think I have to save at least something for the show. Plus, I think this post has gone on long enough, so I will wrap it up here.

It is good to be back and writing content at least. I forgot how fun it is adventuring in Azeroth while having my notebook open next to me, jotting things down as I go, because they are going to find their way here, either as a quickie note or an epic bout of RANDOM RANTING (you thought I forgot didn’t you).

Anyway, I will probably be back in a few days with another post. In the meantime, happy questing and may all your drops be epic!