Re-Elect Thrall Warchief!

Before anyone says anything, yes I know…I am woefully behind the curve on this game that we so love known as World of Warcraft. I say this because just this week, Tamori and I finished the Horde War Campaign for BFA. I have to state the obvious first, things have gone sideways in a major way.

I really wish that I was following the lore as closely as I used to back in the days say before Mists of Pandaria. The reason that I have for this is that it seems that this is the period of time where things just started going wrong (or maybe more wrong than they had been). Think about it: Thrall steps aside as Warchief of the Horde when Deathwing shows up. He leaves Garrosh Hellscream in charge and things seem OK because at least the Horde still has a leader.

Things start to get a little dicey along the way. Garrosh has his little meltdown in Stonetalon Mountains, the exact details of which escape me at this point, and people just kind of dismiss it as being a more aggressive Horde. Events continue to unfold and suddenly we come to the Theramore incident (ya know, the mana bomb thing that dyed Jaina’s hair). No, I do not agree with Garrosh, but things happen and the story must continue. So we get to the end of Pandaria, Garrosh does his little time jump with the help of the infinite dragon flight, and we have Vol’jin as Warchief. 

So Vol’jin leads us valiantly through the Draenor story and we get to the latest plan from the Burning Legion, as Gul’dan from the NEW timeline hops forward and tries to bring about the end of the world by funneling all the demons (and from what I can tell, I do mean ALL. THE. DEMONS!) of the Legion on to Azeroth. Vol’jin and King Varian both die in the Battle of the Broken Shore. Vol’jin makes Sylvanas the new Warchief and things progress. 

This is where we REALLY get complicated, but I will simplify it greatly and you can go explore in-game or online to get the full story behind everything. Basically, Sylvanas seems to have lost her damn mind, because after the Legion storyline ends and the hunt for a way to restore Azeroth begins, things escalate to the point where she goes off and DESTROYS Teldrassil! This, of course, leads to Anduin and the Alliance marching on Lorderon and coming so close to capturing the city, before Sylvanas releases the undead blight on HER OWN PEOPLE!

This is where we come to the division within the Horde between those loyal to Sylvanas and those that are helping Saurfang. Following along the Saurfang part of it, Thrall makes a comeback as moral support leading up to the showdown at the gates of Orgrimmar. Saurfang challenges Sylvanas to a duel, where Saurfang puts up a fairly decent fight before Sylvanas uses her banshee powers and puts the “usurper” down for good. 

I know I’m leaving a lot of the juicier details out, but I am telling this story in order to say that basically, all the Horde has left as far as good people are Baine Bloodhoof, the Blood Elf leader whose name escapes me at the moment, and the OG Warchief Thrall. I don’t know if he’s going to actually do it, but we really need Thrall to take leadership again. 

Thrall for Warchief 2020! 

That wraps it up for now. Keep having fun and may all of your loot be epic!


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