The Newest Member of the Roster

I have been struggling with a name for a new character since I unlocked the Vulpera allied race a few weeks ago. I knew that I wanted to make a warlock since I was having a lot of fun playing one on the classic side of things. I really hope that it translates well into how things are in retail now.

Anyway, I also want to go back and try to unlock some of the other allied races as well. I am most interested in the Nightfallen since I really like the elvish races of Azeroth and from what I have seen, these new elves are pretty interesting. I’m sure that eventually, I will have all of the allies unlocked but these two races are my first priorities.

So back to the point that I was originally making (sorry for bouncing back and forth like this, but you guys should come to expect that from me by now. I mean nothing has really changed since the show went off the air.). I finally made my little fox warlock. 

So here she is! Aprilnova, the Vulperan warlock!


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