Keeping Up with the Times

Hey guys! It’s Zeb again. I just wanted to get another post up here while in this crazy quarantine. 

So, I’ve been continuing leveling my death knight and am happy to say that the pace seems to be maintaining itself. Amontillado is level 80 as of the time of this posting and he seems to be averaging a level per dungeon. Still having just as much fun running all of the old dungeons that I remember being so difficult as I leveled Zebgora back in the day. 

THEN…I hit Pandaria. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think Panda-land is my favorite area as far as landscape goes. However, I am now remembering how much I disliked questing through it. Really, it’s the exact opposite of Outland for me, once you get away from the Dark Portal. I remember finding the questing in all the zones to be pretty fun, but the scenery was not to my liking. 

The one big plus to this, as has been the underlying theme in all of these posts so far, is that leveling by dungeon crawling seems to still be a way to go. Now, this may change once I hit level 90 or 100, but I am pleased with how far I have been able to ride this wave so far.

There may be more updates in a day or 2. Then again, there may not be. We here at Epic Shardz never know quite how the mood is going to strike on any given quarantined day. Stay tuned!

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