Re-Visiting Old Friends

So I have been doing a LOT of catching up on Zebgora, my main toon in the game, but also looking at the fact that I have a lot of lower-level characters as well. So, I decided to take one of my older relatively untouched characters for a spin! So here he is, Amontillado, my Blood Elf Death Knight!

As of the time this is published, I started JUST running dungeons 2 days ago and got an amazing (at least to me) 10 levels in 2 days! This has given me a chance to revisit a lot of the Wrath of the Lich King dungeons that I forgot were so much fun! It has also given me the opportunity to see that there are really good people still in this game. I have only died 3 times in this new journey so far and only 1 of those times (amazingly) has been due to my own stupidity. I jumped off the wrong area of a bridge in The Nexus and fell into the void. After swearing at myself as I fell, I released and started the long run back to re-join the group. I apologized. One of the group (and I WISH I could remember his name) said it was all good and that Poe references are always given a pass. Yes, I know it might be something very small and insignificant, but I thought it was a really cool comment.

Anyway, its back to the dungeons for me and Amontillado. Have fun out there in Azeroth and stay safe. More to come!


P.S. – This is Amontillado enjoying a well-earned feast in Dalaran. 🙂

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