Thoughts on Shadowlands So Far

The veil has been shattered and we have been in the Shadowlands for almost three weeks now. I have played through about half of the campaign so far on Zebgora and am currently on part 3 of the Ardenweald story. I just wanted to pause the game for a moment and give a few of my thoughts.

1 – I haven’t felt this way since Wrath of the Lich King, but I am really feeling the squish this time around. I don’t know if i just need to re-learn how to play a warrior, if I have to go Fury instead of Arms, or what I have to do. I am NOT feeling the power at all.

2 – Visually, I LOVE this expansion. The Maw is scary as hell and I feel like danger lurks around and between every corner. The jump from there to Oribos is amazing. I could walk around Oribos and just stare out into the abyss, if only it didn’t stare back. Which leads me to the covenants…

3 – Bastion is breath-taking! I love how calm and peaceful it is at least by the initial campaign (I have no idea what happens if you choose it as your covenant). Meeting up with Uther was amazing, as I love the lore behind the game. Still, Bastion is very light vs dark and I don’t think I will be choosing them as my covenant.

4 – Maldraxxus is cool. It’s really hard to match the epic scale of the Scourge from vanilla, though. I found some really cool story points though, like running in to Thrall’s mom, Draka to start. As I played along, it didn’t even occur to me who I was helping until I was halfway through the chapter, but Lady Vashj is there too! Overall, while the coolest lore-wise so far, I’m not into Maldraxxus as my covenant either.

5 – Ardenweald is beautiful and I think the Night Fae are hilarious! That’s all I can really say right now, as I’m not very far into this part of the campaign. 

At least at this point in my adventures, I would choose to go covenant-less, if it wouldn’t stop my adventures once I had to make the choice. Depending on how far I get this weekend, I hope to have another post up tomorrow, with my thoughts on the rest of the campaign and my covenant choice!

Stay tuned, be safe out there and may all your loots be epic!!

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